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Commercial and Industrial Roofing Commercial Roofing Company


Commercial & Industrial Roofing Company, Inc. was established in 1985. Operating under the same management since that time, C&I Roofing is recognized as a local industrial leader for high quality San Diego roofing, with a reputation for providing top quality roofing services and materials. The experienced team at C&I Roofing delivers a complete range of professional El Centro roofing services, including inspection, maintenance, restoration, repair and installation. Every project is customized, starting with a commitment to meet your goals within budget and time requirements. When it comes to financial strength, C&I Roofing provides the reliability of virtually unlimited bonding capabilities and the security of adequate liability insurance. This means you can count on C&I Roofing to complete the job, and provide the manpower and resources to maintain your roof for years to come. Today, C&I Roofing serves clients throughout San Diego County from its facility in Spring Valley, CA where it has been located since 1987. You can rest assured that our San Diego, Southern California roofing services will complete your roofing job quickly and professionally.


Many of the roofing specialists at C&I Roofing have been with the company since it was founded in 1985. Today, C&I Roofing employs 50 people throughout the year, with an additional 25 or 30 skilled roofing workers added during peak periods. Together, they have worked with virtually every type of roofing system on thousands of buildings, and homes keeping up with the latest approved roofing products and roofing techniques in order to do the best job for each client. Besides providing expert re-roofing services, the professionals at Commercial & Industrial Roofing Company, Inc. are trained in emergency leak service and are experienced in preventive roof maintenance and roof restoration. Please be sure to check out some of our roofing testimonials to see how our San Diego roofers can help you with all your roof needs.


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